Air Brake Practice Test 06

By practicing and familiarizing yourself with the types of questions that are likely to appear on the real test, you’ll be able to approach the exam with greater confidence and competence. With proper preparation and focus, you can pass your official air brake exam with flying colors and secure your license to drive heavy commercial vehicles.


Air Brake Practice Test 06

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For a dual air brake system, the foot valve is divided into...

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One section of this dual foot valve controls the primary circuit and the other controls...

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The trailer supply valve should be open when the tractor pressure has built up to approximately how many psi?

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How long the air in the system will hold the brakes applied depends on what?

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A sudden loss of air pressure in the supply line will trigger the relay emergency valve which causes what?

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What system are more heavy-duty vehicles using now?

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During foot or hand valve brake application, brake lag time has been minimized with the addition of what?

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Which statement is false? The trailer spring parking brake valve is responsible for several important functions, including...

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With a dual air brake system, the vehicle will continue to have braking ability unless...

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What are the two positions the manual trailer supply valve has?

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Spring parking brakes serve as a means of what?

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If there's a loss of reservoir air pressure ,what prevents the reservoir air pressure in the primary reservoir from escaping back to the supply reservoir and the ruptured line?

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As a safety precaution, parked trailers without spring parking brakes should always have what?

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Which statement is false? A trailer with spring parking brakes has these components...

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What is known as charging the trailer system?

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Rupture of the compressor discharge line would result in loss of air pressure from which reservoir?

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Blended air is air taken from the primary and secondary circuits through...

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Which trailers have a manual supply valve?

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To move a trailer that has been parked with the brakes in an emergency application, what has to happen?

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.The spring parking brakes are applied with what?

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In the event of tractor reservoir air loss, the trailer supply valve must be shifted to what?

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Should trailer brakes be used to hold a parked vehicle that is left unattended?

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If the foot valve is released and the hand valve is applied, what happens?

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The release of the foot or hand valve stops the flow of application air and the relay portion of the valve goes where?

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If the control line is ruptured or disconnected, no action will take place until...

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If a trailer that is not equipped with spring parking brakes were to separate from the tractor, what would happen?

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Which of the following is not a function of the relay emergency valve?

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With the manual trailer supply valve, the trailer brakes will remain applied only as long as what?

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Is there sufficient reservoir air pressure in the primary reservoir for a limited number of brake applications to stop the vehicle before the spring parking brakes are activated?

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Which statement is false? The trailer brakes will remain applied until..

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