Air Brake Practice Test 05

If you’re planning to take the Canadian air brake test, preparing well in advance is always a good idea. One of the best ways to do so is by taking the free Air Brake Practice Test, available online. This test will give you a good idea of what to expect from the official exam and help you identify areas where you may need to focus your studies.


Air Brake Practice Test 05

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What happens if the air pressure drops to a range between 45 and 20 psi?

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Where is a relay emergency valve mounted?

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When the driver releases the foot valve treadle, the application air to the trailer brake chambers must go where?

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What are the other names for the trailer supply valve?

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What is the application line referred to as?

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What's the problem with a tractor protection valve with a broken return spring?

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If the trailer broke away from the tractor, what would the problem be?

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What is referred to as glad hands?

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Would there be any air loss if the driver, by mistake, applied the hand valve with the trailer disconnected?

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What should be used when the vehicle is used without a trailer to prevent water and dirt from entering the coupler and lines?

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How many air lines are normally running to the tractor protection valve?

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What is the application line connected to?

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What do the glad hands have to stop air from escaping?

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What is the purpose of the trailer hand valve?

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What is a tractor protection system?

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What is the referred to when the tractor is being operated alone?

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Where is a tractor protection valve normally located?

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Glad hands and lines should also be secured to prevent what from happening?

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What happens if the driver, by mistake, applied the hand valve with the trailer disconnected?

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When connecting the glad hands, start with the two gaskets together and the couplers at what angle to each other?

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The tractor protection valve is fed by how many lines?

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What does opening the trailer supply valve do?

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Why should the trailer brake hand valve not be used for parking?

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The tractor protection valve is spring-loaded and requires approximately how many psi in the supply line to open the valve?

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What is the most common type of trailer supply valve?

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The tractor protection system consists of how many valves?

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With regards to the application line, when the driver depresses the foot valve treadle application air will be delivered to where?

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If the driver closes the trailer supply valve manually, what will open?

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Any time a trailer brake application is made using the hand valve, can the driver still press the foot valve?

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Disconnecting the supply line between the tractor and trailer while the trailer is charged, will cause what to happen?

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