Air Brake Practice Test 04

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Air Brake Practice Test 04

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What is an automatic limiting valve?

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Where does the air in the control line 'dead end' to?

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Instruction on how to cage is usually found where?

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Disassembly of a spring brake chamber should be done by...

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How are the brakes caged?

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What should always be done when caging the parking brake spring?

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After overheating the brake drums, when should you set the spring parking brake?

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What is another word for when the spring compresses?

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During normal service brake operation, wat happens to the parking brake spring?

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Spring parking brake chambers should never be disassembled without first doing what?

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What happens to allow reservoir air pressure to flow to the spring parking brake chambers?

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. In the spring parking brake system, the brakes are applied by spring pressure and retracted by what?

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The effectiveness of the spring parking brake depends on what?

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Is the installation of spring parking brakes and their piping arrangements done the same in all vehicle air brake systems?

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Which statement is false? How quickly the spring brakes will stop the vehicle depends on such factors as...

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Anytime the reservoir pressure drops to approximately 35 psi, what happens?

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What can be accomplished by installing a control valve in the cab and a front brake limiting valve on the front axle?

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Some systems may have an additional valve controlled by a blue button that applies what?

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Which statement is false? When parking a vehicle with over heated brakes...

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What should the brake chamber be fitted with to ensure debris will not enter the chamber?

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Parking brakes should be in what position before making a service brake application?

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What is meant by compounding?

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when the brake drum has expanded because of extreme heating, when the brake drum starts to cool and contract, the pressure exerted by the spring parking brake may cause the brake drum to do what?

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Some spring parking brakes can be released mechanically by doing what?

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The control valve is set in what position for dry road surfaces?

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How many uses does the relay valve have?

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What is the danger of disassembling a spring parking brake unit?

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On the pre-trip air brake inspection, you must ensure that the parking brake spring is not...

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With an automatic limiting valve, brake applications between 40 psi and 60 psi are reduced to...

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The spring parking brake system can also act as what?

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