Air Brake Practice Test 03

Preparing for your Canadian air brake test can seem daunting, but taking the free Air Brake Practice Test can be an invaluable resource in helping you ace your official exam with flying colors. This practice test is designed to familiarize you with the official test format, giving you a better understanding of what to expect and helping to increase your confidence.


Air Brake Practice Test 03

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How do drivers monitor the air pressure in each of the tanks?

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What happens when the slack adjusters rotate the S-cams?

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The low-pressure warning device must be comprised of which systems?

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An air-boost hydraulic brake system is similar to what?

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What is the purpose of the one-way check valve?

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On manual slack adjusters, the adjusting worm bolt is turned until the brake linings touch the drums and then backed of how much?

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What is required to allow the brakes to release quickly and fully by discharging the application air near the brake chambers?

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The air line from the foot valve to the relay valve now becomes what?

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What is the stop light switch?

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Whose responsibility is it to ensure that brakes are adjusted correctly?

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Which statement is false? Dangerously undependable brake performance will result from what?

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When the brakes are fully applied, the angle between the push rod and the arm of the slack adjuster should be no more than...

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Where is a relay valve installed?

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Which statement is false? Air over hydraulic brake systems were developed for medium weight vehicles because...

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Due to over use or leaks, the low-pressure indicator switch will turn on a red warning light on the dash or cause a buzzer to sound at or before how much psi?

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What may be required to keep the automatic brake adjusters in adjustment?

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When does fading or reduction in braking effort occur?

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Which statement is false? A number of factors could result in the automatic slack adjuster not maintaining proper slack, including...

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Can an additional gauge be installed on the dash to indicate the application air pressure when the brakes are applied?

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Manual adjustment of wedge brakes is usually done by whom?

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Why are air-over hydraulic brake systems used?

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Whichever warning system is used, what must the driver do once it is activated?

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Which air brake system does not require an air brake endorsement?

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What is another type of low-pressure warning device used on older vehicles?

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Why is a front axle assembly have the brake chamber and slack adjuster mounted on the backing-plate?

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The governor controls the pressure in the reservoir to...

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Do automatic slack adjusters have to be checked?

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Where is the one-way check valve installed?

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What determines the amount of heat the brakes are able to absorb and dissipate into the atmosphere?

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What is not one of the types of brake systems?

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