Air Brake Practice Test 02

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Air Brake Practice Test 02

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What does a safety valve do?

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What gets formed in the bottom of the supply reservoir?

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What is another name for an automatic reservoir drain valve?

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What does a slack adjuster do?

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The compressor must be able to build reservoir air pressure from 50 to 90 psi within how fast?

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If a leak occurs in the diaphragm, air is allowed to escape causing what to happen?

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What is the purpose of an air dryer?

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What would happen if sludge accumulated in the bottom of the tank?

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What would stop a compressor to not be able to build air pressure rom 50 to 90 psi within three minutes?

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What happens if the safety valve has to relieve pressure?

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What compresses the air in the cylinder?

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How often should the tanks be drained?

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The push rod is connected to a crank arm-type lever called what?

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What's the purpose of the heater element in the purge valve?

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What's the difference between front brake chambers and rear brake chambers?

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A brake chamber is usually mounted where?

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When the driver releases the treadle where does the air get released to?

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Do automatic reservoir drain valves still need to be checked daily?

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What is meant by the loading stage?

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The number and size of the reservoirs on a vehicle will depend on what?

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A safety valve is normally set at what psi?

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How id the push rod connected to the slack adjuster?

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As the piston nears the top of the stroke, the pressurized air is forced where?

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A brake chamber is a circular container divided in the middle by what?

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What is another name for the supply reservoir?

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What happens if the slack adjusters are not adjusted within the limitations?

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What happens in the reservoir when the heated air cools?

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What are the primary and secondary reservoirs also known as?

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Where would an air dryer be installed?

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Why do air treadles provide a different feel from hydraulic brake applications?

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